Merino wool : softness, warmth and lightness

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Soft and silky, flexible and light, warm and breathable, Merino wool is a 100 % natural material.


Merino sheep

Merino wool used by Yoëlys comes from the shearing of a specific breed of sheep, the Merino sheep. Originating from Spain, this ovine breed is mainly bred in the southern hemisphere, in Australia and New Zealand. However, more and more quality exploitations of this breed of sheep are developping in Europe.

A great finesse

With a diameter of 14 to 25 micrometers, the Merino wool fibres are much more fine than those of traditional wool that can mesure up to 80 micrometers. This finesse offers the advantage of a lightness and a softness that lessens the itching that can come from wool that goes overs 30 micrometers in diameter.
The finest wool comes from the very first shearing of the lambs. It offers an incomparable softness for a relatively expensive price.

A thermoregulating and breathable fibre

Merino wool has the capacity to regulate body temperature: it conserves the heat during cold weather and helps to refresh the skin when it’s hot. The air present between the fibres acts as a thermal insulator. Furthermore, the Merino wool fibres let through air and humidity which allows skin to breathe.