The felted wool used by Yoëlys for the creation of her jewellery, gives them original aesthetic value. The design of the different collections, at times surprising, are inspired by nature, just like the colours. The artist blends multiple shades of fibre and as they mix together without truly fusing, allow her to achieve unique nuances.

Sautoir Liane nuance Touareg


Atypical jewellery thanks to their design and modularity.


Woollen Flower

Lovely stylised flowers, soft and light.

Earrings Wollen Pearl

Wollen Pearls

Very light wollen pearls.

Stoles and scarves

Yoëlys’ stoles and scarves are textile gems that provide every outfit with a touch of originality. Extra-fine Merino wool provides warmth as well as the most delicate softness.

Silken Line

A contemporary range, all in brightness and finesse.

Woollen Flowers

Woollen flowers made into a soft, warm stole.


Yoëlys’ sculptures are the result of a poetic interpretation of nature and it’s details.