Exhibition of the Boreal flower sculpture in Châteaugiron

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The Boreal flower sculpture was selected by the media library of Châteaugiron for it’s summertime exposition.

fleur boréale

An imaginary flower from a boreal forest

The media library of Châteaugiron exposed the Boreal flower sculpture until the end of summer. This sculpture represents an imaginary flower that came straight from a northen forest. The green, purple and black shades are inspired by the northern lights that can been seen from Scandinavian countries. The green also recalls the colour of the moss found in these forests.

Discovering felted wool

Yoëlys made the most of this exhibition to tell others all about felted wool. A description that describes the felting technique was placed next to the sculpture. The artist hoped to spark interest in those who weren’t familiar with this material that remains little known.