“Mother Nature is so beautiful and so surprising… She is the best artist I know”


Yoëlys has chosen woollen felt to evoke the emotions that nature inspires, particularly in the plant world. Her interpretation is influenced by the sensitivity that allows her to perceive the troubles of the world that surround her.

Felted wool offers infinite possibilities that Yoëlys uses to create poetic wall decor,  remarkable sculptures and magic lights. She adds fused glass details to a number of her creations which she creates thanks to a kiln that allows her to obtain temperatures higher than 800°C.

Yoëlys also designs stoles and scarves made out of extra-fine Merino wool, a magical union of softness and warmth, as well as original and contemporary jewellery. These accessories, with their colour and lightness, bring a touch of originality and are completely unique.

All of Yoëlys’ creations are made in her workshop in Châteaugiron, a small town in Brittany (France), near Rennes. The artist strives to work whilst respecting the spirit of artistic professions, mastering a genuine know-how resulting in unique artistic creations or smaller ranges. The goodwill that she experiences also inspires her to choose suppliers who have respect for the environment and for human life.